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If wood could cry, it would cry blood. 

In the heat of the escalating anti-colonialism war in Vietnam, a 14-year-old boy has to help sustain his family’s travelling circus by performing a life threatening act of knife throwing with his two siblings.

The film centers on a family run traveling circus: Ba, a 14-year-old boy holds a wooden board for his older brother, Hai, to throw knives at, while their little sister, Tu, stands in front of the cutting board as the target girl. His brother's talent and his little sister's fearless attitude draws the blueprint for a tragedy waiting to happen. The movie unveils the world inside Ba’s head, as he attempts to help his sister from the fate that he has foreseen in his dreams, under the financial pressure of their family and the political pressure of the country entering war.

Arte Kino International Award 2021

Official Selection at Asian Project Market of the BUSAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2021

Official Selection to the South East Asian Film Lab by SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2021

Official Selection to La Fabrique Cinéma | Les Cinémas du Monde at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2022

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